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What is MyIntraprise Web Tools?

MyIntraprise Web Tools is an online Web site management tool aimed at supporting your organization's ability to distribute information via your Web site and provide value to your Members through online interactivity and access to organizational resources.

Web Site Content Management

Your organization can keep the site up-to date with current information based on your own timetable; no more waiting on a programmer's schedule for updates.

  • You control the Articles, Events, Images, and Files that are updated to the live site and can refresh the site as soon as the updates are completed.
  • Your site can be tailored to present information to the public, and also have secured areas that just your members can access.
  • Save money by publishing your newsletter online, enabling a broader reach and easier access while being more "green".
  • Maintain a list of events that you are sponsoring or participating in and enable people to download flyers or registration forms.

Membership Interaction and Management

Your site can help you keep in touch with your membership and provide additional value to members.

  • You control the information presented to your members or to the public. A secure "members only" area can help you to distribute information that should only be available to members or that are provided as a member benefit (e.g. electronic versions of conference proceedings or presentations).
  • Your members can be managed via a secure database which helps you keep track of member information (e.g. address, contact information, communication preferences, etc.). This database is tied to members access accounts and can limit their ability to access "members only" content when their membership expires.
  • You can also allow members to directly update their information, keeping your records current without requiring a lot of data entry and making it easier for members to inform you of changes to their contact information.
  • Publish an online membership directory that only members can access. Respect member's privacy by allowing members to individually choose what information they want to share in the directory.